The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker catch you up on the biggest media stories, from sports to politics and everything in between. 


Title Date published
Covering Kamala Harris and Listener Mail. Plus: Rodger Sherman on College Football Twitter 2020-08-13
Pandemic Sports TV and the Lincoln Project. Plus: Joe Sheehan on Baseball and Writing Newsletters. 2020-08-10
Sizing Up Biden’s Potential Veeps, Jonathan Swan, and Listener Mail 2020-08-06
Biden’s Veep, Ellen DeGeneres, Ira Berkow on Sportswriting, and More 2020-08-03
Media Notes on the NBA’s Return, Listener Mail, and Gustavo Arellano on Covering California 2020-07-30
The Sports Comeback and Covering Portland. Plus, Diane K. Shah on Column Writing 2020-07-27
2020 Conspiracy Theories, Listener Mail, and Jordan Ritter Conn on 'The Road From Raqqa' 2020-07-24
Chris Wallace and How Sportswriting Got Weird. Plus, Chris Mannix on the NBA Bubble 2020-07-20
Sending Kids Back to School and Listener Mail. Plus, Justin Chang on Movie Reviewing Without Theaters 2020-07-16
Woj-gate and Fauci vs. Trump. Plus: Christopher Buckley on Satire in 2020. 2020-07-13
Mary Trump’s Book, That Harper’s Letter, and Listener Mail 2020-07-09
Trump’s Fox News Campaign, Beat Writing in the Bubble, and Ben Widdicombe on Gossip 2020-07-06
Russian Bounties, Protest Rebrands, and Listener Mail 2020-06-29
Biden Is Crushing Trump, a Washington Post Controversy, and Listener Mail 2020-06-25
Trump in Tulsa, Bubba Wallace, and the Temporary End of the Newsroom 2020-06-22
Breonna Taylor, Listener Mail, and the Seattle Protests 2020-06-18
The Coronavirus and the Media, the NBA and the Protests, and the Week in Trump. 2020-06-15
L.A. Times Columnist Erika Smith, the Protests in Washington, and Newsroom Reckonings 2020-06-11
Jemele Hill on Protests, Roger Goodell, and ESPN. Plus, Police Unions and James Bennet 2020-06-09
Reports From Brooklyn and Minneapolis, Plus: Trump Goes to Church 2020-06-04

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