Two guys podcasting about the obscure side of Japan you haven't heard about but probably should.


Title Date published
Japanese Architecture and Carpentry Podcast 2017-10-29
Japanese Summer – Podcast 2017-09-24
Japanese Vending Machines 2017-09-10
Fuji Rock Experience – Part 2 2017-08-26
Fuji Rock Experience Part 1 2017-08-11
Doki Doki Radio: Women of Japanese Rap 2017-07-29
The Wild Factor 2017-07-15
How We Cheat at Life in Japan Podcast 2017-06-30
How Japan Has Changed Us Podcast 2017-06-17
Doki Doki Radio: Shibuya Does The 80’s 2017-06-08
Japan 2.0: A Fated Meeting 2017-06-02
Ideologies Through Games – Persona Podcast 2017-05-19
Quality of Life in Japan   2017-05-06
Guide to Kyoto Podcast 2017-04-23
Museums and Galleries in Japan 2017-04-10
Movie Theaters in Japan 2017-03-25
English Conversations of the Japanese Kind Podcast 2017-03-11
Doki Doki Radio – Under 2:00 (Shibuya-kei) 2017-03-04
Theme Cafes in Japan 2017-02-24
Game Centers (Arcades) Podcast 2017-02-12

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