The Ringer NBA team is providing instant reactions to all the playoff action and news five days a week. SUN: postgame show with Kevin O'Connor and J. Kyle Mann; MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; TUE: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Wosny Lambre; THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan & Seerat Sohi.


Title Date published
Damian Lillard, Sixers Sadness, and What to Do With Denver | Group Chat 2020-08-12
Seeds, Seeds, Seeds, Fixing the Sixers, and the Bubble Suns | The Mismatch 2020-08-11
Damian Lillard Balls Out, Devin Booker in Phoenix, and Should We Worry About the Lakers? | Real Ones 2020-08-10
Kemba Walker on the Celtics’ Title Hopes, New York Basketball, and MJ Stories | R2C2 with CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco 2020-08-08
Dame Time in the Bubble, the Bright Now Suns, and the Race for the 8-Seed in the West | The Mismatch 2020-08-07
The Excitement of the Rockets and Blazers, the Suns' Contention, and Nerd Corner With the Lakers | Group Chat 2020-08-05
Shake’s Big Shot, Zion Bounces Back, and the Jimmy Butler Mystery | The Mismatch 2020-08-04
Reporting on the Bubble With Raja Bell | Real Ones 2020-08-03
Give Us More Lakers-Clippers, Free Zion, and the Seeding Race | The Mismatch 2020-07-31
Thibs in New York, Lou Will’s Excursion, and Seeding Games Preview | The Mismatch 2020-07-28
Basketball Is Back! Scrimmages Takeaways, Changing Expectations, and Mailbag Questions | The Mismatch 2020-07-24
The Latest NBA COVID-19 Testing Reveals No New Positive Tests. Plus: Regular-Season Award Selections | The Mismatch 2020-07-21
Which Team—Apart from the Lakers and Clippers—Has the Best Shot of Coming Out of the West? | The Mismatch 2020-07-17
Russell Westbrook Announces He Tested Positive for COVID-19. Plus: Bruno Caboclo and Richaun Holmes Break Quarantine. | The Mismatch 2020-07-14
Senator Cory Booker on NCAA Reform, Speaking on the Senate Floor, the Criminal Justice System, and Fighting for a Better America | Flying Coach With Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll 2020-07-13
Would the Bucks Give Giannis a 10-Year, $1 Billion Contract If There Were No Salary Cap? | The Mismatch 2020-07-10
Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison on Their Many Years in the League, Black Fatherhood, and Player Activism | The Bakari Sellers Podcast 2020-07-08
Bradley Beal Is Out for the Season. So, Remind Us Why the Wizards Are Going to Orlando? | The Mismatch 2020-07-07
How Will the Last Eight Games Affect Playoff Seeding? 2020-06-30
J.R. Smith Might Be Joining the Lakers to Replace Avery Bradley. Which Other Players Sitting Out Will Have the Biggest Impact? | The Mismatch 2020-06-26

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