The Ringer NBA team provides insight, reporting, and analysis on the NBA three days a week. MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; WED: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Wosny Lambre; THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan and Raja; FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan & Seerat Sohi.


Title Date published
Lakers-Rockets #Spitgate, Plus Opening-Week Takeaways | Heat Check (Ep. 324) 2018-10-22
Digesting LeBron in a Lakers Uniform, Plus Early Evaluations for Ayton and Jokic | The Corner 3 (Ep. 323) 2018-10-19
Anthony Davis’s Hot Start, the Young Suns, and Early Sixers Reactions | Group Chat (Ep. 322) 2018-10-18
‘Sources Say’ Live From Ringer #NBAPalooza | Sources Say (Ep. 321) 2018-10-17
20 Questions for the 2018-19 NBA Season | The Mismatch (Ep. 320) 2018-10-16
The Way-Too-Early Playoff Predictions, Plus: NBA Sad Face | Heat Check (Ep. 319) 2018-10-15
Jimmy Butler’s Practice Tirade and Lakers vs. Warriors Preseason Takeaways | Group Chat (Ep. 318) 2018-10-11
The Future of the Young Suns and Key Players to Watch Out For | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 317) 2018-10-09
The 2018-19 NBA League Pass Draft | Heat Check (Ep. 316) 2018-10-08
Jimmy Butler to Miami? Plus: Tempering the Lakers Hype. | Group Chat (Ep. 315) 2018-10-04
The New Lakers, the New-ish Rockets, and GM Survey Takeaways | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 314) 2018-10-04
Waiting for the Butler Trade, LeBron’s Lakers, and Doncic’s Debut | Heat Check (Ep. 313) 2018-10-01
Jimmy Butler Trade Talks and Media Day Takeaways | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 312) 2018-09-25
Jimmy Butler v. the Timberwolves, the Lakers’ Lonzo Problem, and the Sixers' GM Search | Heat Check (Ep. 311) 2018-09-18
The Anthony Davis Pre-Pre-Agency, the Minnesota Timberbulls, and (Another) Dwight Howard Debate | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 310) 2018-09-11
Wizards Chemistry Experiment, Suns-Rockets Trade, and Are We Sure ...? | Heat Check (Ep. 309) 2018-09-04
Manu Ginobili Retires, the Sixers’ GM Search, and Kobe Fans vs. LeBron | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 308) 2018-08-28
Melo (Finally) Signs in Houston, Kawhi’s “THANK YOU” Letter, and Are We Sure ...? | Heat Check (Ep. 307) 2018-08-15
Do the Lakers Have Too Many Personalities? Plus, Other Mailbag Questions | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 306) 2018-08-07
LeBron Gives Back, Rockets Keep Capela, Giannis Bulks Up, and NBA Hard Knocks | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 305) 2018-07-31

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