The Ringer NBA team is providing instant reactions to all the playoff action and news five days a week. SUN: postgame show with Kevin O'Connor and J. Kyle Mann; MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; TUE: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Wosny Lambre; THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan & Seerat Sohi.


Title Date published
The Future for Big Men and Rebuilding the Blazers | Draft Class (Ep. 252) 2018-04-20
Jazz Strike Down Thunder, LeBron Carries Cavs, and Rockets Back on Course | Group Chat (Ep. 251) 2018-04-19
The Heat Steal One in Philadelphia and the Struggling Spurs Need Kawhi | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 250) 2018-04-17
The Playoffs Are Here: Early Upsets and Flipping the Switch (or Not) | Heat Check (Ep. 249) 2018-04-16
Disagreements on the Big Board and Rookies in the Playoffs | Draft Class (Ep. 248) 2018-04-13
Emergency NBA Playoff Preview | Group Chat (Ep. 247) 2018-04-12
Bill Simmons on the Best NBA-Finals Food Cities | House of Carbs (Ep. 40) 2018-04-11
Countdown to the Playoffs, LeBron’s Future, and Not Predicting the Finals | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 245) 2018-04-10
Narrowing Down the West, the Wide-Open East, and Sixers, Sixers, Sixers | Heat Check (Ep. 244) 2018-04-09
The Draft Mailbag, Vol. 2 | Draft Class (Ep. 243) 2018-04-06
Kyrie Irving's Shutdown, Sixers Stay Hot, West Playoff Carousel, and Hope for Bottom-Dwellers | Group Chat (Ep. 242) 2018-04-05
Villanova Wildcats in the NBA, Shuffling Playoff Seeds, and Predicting the Favorites | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 241) 2018-04-03
Updated Playoff Picture, Players In and Players Out, Surprises, and Disappointments | Heat Check (Ep. 240) 2018-04-02
Next Piece for the Process Sixers, Final Four Prospects, and (Don’t) Stay in School, Kids | Draft Class (Ep. 239) 2018-03-30
Streaking Sixers, Scrappy Celtics, Re-drafting the Top 5 Rookies, and the Evolution of KAT | Group Chat (Ep. 238) 2018-03-29
IT Out, Fultz Back, Lorde’s Thunder Fandom, and Concern-Trolling Playoff Teams | Sources Say (Ep. 237) 2018-03-28
Fultz's Return, Overworked Wolves, Potent Underdogs, and Contrarian Drafting | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 236) 2018-03-27
Weakened Warriors, LeBron Flips the Switch, and the Sixers Soar | Heat Check (Ep. 235) 2018-03-26
Trae Young Declares, Robert Williams’s Future, and Kentucky One-and-Dones | Draft Class (Ep. 234) 2018-03-23
The Kawhi Leonard Mystery and Pre-Playoffs Questions | Group Chat (Ep. 233) 2018-03-22

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