The Ringer NBA team provides insight, reporting, and analysis on the NBA three days a week. MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; WED: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Wosny Lambre; THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan and Raja; FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan & Seerat Sohi.


Title Date published
The Cavs' Dominance, Rockets' Liftoff, and Warriors' Huge Spread (Ep. 104) 2017-05-02
Wizards' Magic, Iso Joe, and Kerr's Absence (Ep. 103) 2017-04-27
Sweeps, Hacks, and Kawhi's Iso Game (Ep. 102) 2017-04-25
Rondo's Injury, the Bucks' Blowout, and Westbrook With Chris Mannix and Rodger Sherman (Ep. 101) 2017-04-21
Celtics Struggle, Westbrook Bricks, and More Playoffs (Ep. 100) 2017-04-20
Take That for Data! With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 99) 2017-04-18
The Playoffs Are Here! With Bill Simmons (Ep. 98) 2017-04-14
Kristen Ledlow (Ep. 97) 2017-04-13
Who Is the Real MVP? With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 96) 2017-04-11
Probable Playoff Matchups With Taco Trey Kerby (Ep. 95) 2017-04-07
Records Worth Breaking With Shea Serrano (Ep. 94) 2017-04-06
The Magic Whiteboard With Kevin O’Connor (Ep. 93) 2017-04-04
The Blazers' Bosnian Beast With John Gonzalez (Ep. 92) 2017-03-31
The Playoff Picture in the West and End-of-Season Awards (Ep. 91) 2017-03-30
Cavs Can't Play D, the Raptors' Next Move, and Ball vs. Fox With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 90) 2017-03-28
The Young Suns, Barea the Bully, and NBA Prospects in the NCAA Tournament (Ep. 89) 2017-03-24
Most Underrated Player in the NBA With Chris Mannix (Ep. 88) 2017-03-23
Ep. 87: Mini-Melee in OKC, Resting Players, and the 2016 NBA Draft Class With Kevin O'Connor 2017-03-21
Ep. 86: B.J. Armstrong 2017-03-16
Ep. 85: Vinsanity, Injuries in the West, and Prospects to Watch in the NCAA Tournament 2017-03-14

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