Kate Ahl is the owner and founder of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management company that specializes in managing Pinterest pages for businesses and bloggers. She is passionate about teaching simple, actionable Pinterest marketing strageies to help business owners and bloggers boost their business using Pinterest without wasting their time. In her podcast, The Simple Pin Podcast, she interviews people who are using Pinterest in creative ways to drive traffic to their website and increase revenue. She's on a mission to rid the world of Pinterest myths, crazy hacks to 'game' the system and rabbit trails that waste valuable business-building time. She wants to give her audience solid Pinterest Marketing advice using data driven results. Keep it simple, be authentic, and pin with purpose.


Title Date published
#243 – Fashion on Pinterest: Pinterest Marketing in the Fashion Industry 2021-06-09
#242 – How to Use Pinterest in Unique Ways for Your Business 2021-06-02
#241 – How to Inspire Pinners On Their Food Journey: Six Sisters Stuff 2021-05-26
#240 – How One TpT Product Seller Successfully Pivoted During the Pandemic 2021-05-19
#239 – How to Pivot in Business & Stay Relevant During Challenging Times 2021-05-12
#238 – Our New Pinterest Framework: Inspire – Inform – Decide 2021-05-05
#237 – Laurelbox: A Business Success Story 2021-04-28
#236 – Simple Pin Story 2021 Update: Lessons Learned Over Eight Years 2021-04-21
#235 – Spring Trends on Pinterest: Keywords You Should Be Using Now 2021-04-14
#234 – What Do The Most Popular Pins on Pinterest Have in Common? 2021-04-07
#233 – How Pinterest’s Goals for 2021 Should Influence Your Marketing Strategy 2021-03-31
#232 – Why We LOVE Canva Pro for Creating Pinterest Images 2021-03-24
#231 – Pinterest Audience Differences Across Countries: U.S. vs. Canada 2021-03-17
#230 – How to Use Pinterest Marketing to Target a U.S. Audience from Abroad 2021-03-10
#229 – Pinterest Marketing Beyond the States: An International Perspective 2021-03-03
#228 – How the Jumprope App Can Level Up Your Pin Creation Process 2021-02-24
#227 – Types of Pinterest Ads: Consideration vs. Conversion Campaigns 2021-02-17
#226 – Tracking Pinterest Everything with Google Data Studio 2021-02-10
#225 – Pinterest Stock: What You Need to Know as a Pinterest Marketer 2021-02-03
#224 – Business Budgeting Tips: How to Budget Following a Crazy Year 2021-01-27

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