HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.


Title Date published
Trae’s Breakout, Diva Luka, Bucks-Nets, a Ben Simmons Debate With Wosny Lambre and Marcus Thompson 2021-06-18
The Durant Game With Chris Ryan. Plus Dallas Dysfunction and Clips-Jazz With Jonathan Tjarks. 2021-06-16
Part 2: The Official CP3 Appreciation Pod With Ryen Russillo 2021-06-14
Part 1: Unexpected Bucks-Nets Drama, Plus Top 40 Players Right Now With Ryen Russillo 2021-06-14
Mitchell Magic, Bucks-Nets, Rodgers Trades + Loki With Wosny Lambre, Peter Schrager and Mallory Rubin 2021-06-11
Chuck Klosterman on Brooklyn’s Dominance, Fandom, Sports Fixes, and UFOs 2021-06-09
Part 2: Logan Paul Survives, Milwaukee Advice, and Dame’s Future in Portland with Ryen Russillo 2021-06-07
Part 1: Kawhi’s Smackdown, Luka’s Next Move, and Trae Torches Philly With Ryen Russillo 2021-06-07
A Lakers Eulogy, Suns of Anarchy, Joker’s Wild, and Round 2 Predictions With Seerat Sohi and J. Kyle Mann 2021-06-04
A Dame-Jokic Classic With Big Wos, and Big 3s and LeBron’s Evolution With Chris Bosh 2021-06-02
Part 2: L.A. Panic Button Reversal, Ayton’s Emergence + CP3 Predictions With Ryen Russillo 2021-05-31
Part 1: Scary Brooklyn, Trae's Leap, Milwaukee's Moment, and the Smart Conundrum With Ryen Russillo 2021-05-31
The Setting Suns, a Bucks-Nets Mega-Battle, and Winslet’s Great Career With Rob Mahoney, Kyle Mann and Wesley Morris 2021-05-28
Luka! Plus: The Bucks and Big Tech Craziness With Ben Thompson. Plus: Three Decades of Counting Crows With Adam Duritz. 2021-05-26
Part 2: The Panic Battle of LA, Sleeper Memphis, Plus More West Overreactions With Ryen Russillo 2021-05-24
Part 1: Trae Grows Up, MSG’s Revival, Milwaukee’s Must-Win, and a Properly Paid Tobias With Ryen Russillo (and a Sean Fennessey Cameo) 2021-05-24
Is Curry a Pantheon Guy? Plus: Knicks + Lakers Predictions With Dave Jacoby and Alan Yang 2021-05-21
Tatum’s 50 and PGA Picks With Joe House, Plus Dirk Nowitzki on Jokic, Luka, 2011, and Much More 2021-05-19
Part 2: Tankapalooza 2021, Western Predictions, and All-NBA Picks With Ryen Russillo 2021-05-17
Part 1: Warriors-Lakers, Philly-Brooklyn, Milwaukee’s Burden, and the DOA Celtics With Ryen Russillo 2021-05-17

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