HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.


Title Date published
Giannis Stays! Plus: Mark Cuban on Luka’s Ceiling, NBA Bubble Lessons, and Dirk as Dallas’s Sports GOAT. 2020-12-15
Bills vs. Steelers, Hurts vs. Wentz, Tua vs. Mahomes, and the First Puppy Weekend With Cousin Sal 2020-12-14
The Unhappy NBA Star Era, 2020 New York Sports, and MTV’s 'The Challenge' With John Jastremski and Dave Jacoby 2020-12-09
The Bizarro Browns, Frisky Giants, Zombie Pats, and Bad-News Jets With Cousin Sal 2020-12-07
Harden’s Next Team, Westbrook the Wizard, and Pittsburgh’s 19-0 Quest With Joe House and Ryan Shazier  2020-12-04
Tony Kornheiser and Dave Chang 2020-12-02
NFL COVID Woes, Giants Fever, Tyson-Jones, and Thanksgiving Shenanigans With Cousin Sal 2020-11-30
Brady’s Troubles + Herbert’s Ascent With Tony Romo. Plus the John Belushi doc With Jim Miller.  2020-11-27
Did the Lakers Scare Everyone Away? Was Detroit Drunk? Plus, More NBA Questions With Jackie MacMullan 2020-11-24
Hayward Flees Boston, MVP Mahomes, the NFC Least and #FreeHerbert With Cousin Sal 2020-11-23
The Unlucky Warriors, Harden’s Next Move and the Semi-Resurgent Pats With Kevin O’Connor and Nora Princiotti 2020-11-20
The Harden Dilemma 2.0, Milwaukee’s Big Move, and CP3 to Phoenix With Raja Bell and Ryen Russillo 2020-11-17
Hail Murray, Harden to Brooklyn (?), Heart Attack QBs, and the Zombie Pats With Cousin Sal 2020-11-16
Westbrook Trades, NFL Playoff Futures and RIP Alex Trebek With Kevin Clark and Claire McNear  2020-11-13
Tommy Heinsohn Memories and Fantasy Football Half-Season MVPs with Bill’s Dad and Matthew Berry 2020-11-11
Tua!!! Plus: Tampa’s No-Show, the Weirdo NFC + 2020 Election Bad Beats With Cousin Sal and Joe House 2020-11-09
Burrow vs. Herbert, Ravens Concerns, Seattle’s Ceiling, and Trump’s Big Meltdown With Mina Kimes and JackO 2020-11-06
The NBA’s Murky Future and Best Streaming TV/Movies With Ryen Russillo and Wesley Morris 2020-11-04
The 7-0 (?!?) Steelers, Shakiest Good QBs, Mid-Season MVPs & the Sleeper Dolphins With Cousin Sal 2020-11-02
Dork Elvis to Philly, Shorting the Pats, Masters Odds, and 2020 Election Guesses With Joe House, Bakari Sellers, and Harry Enten 2020-10-30

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