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Title Date published
Are Steam Games Coming to Consoles? - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-12
PSVR 2 Rumors Detail Advanced New Features - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-11
Did Resident Evil Village Copy an Indie Horror Movie? - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-11
Yakuza's Turn-Based Battle System is Here to Stay - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-07
Disgruntled PlayStation Customers Are Suing Sony - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-07
Next Call of Duty Could Run Best on PS5, Series X - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-06
Resident Evil Village Mods Adds Terrifying New Monster - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-04
Battlefield 6 Setting Potentially Revealed in Leaked Screenshots - IGN Daily Fix 2021-05-04
Cyberpunk 2077 Bosses to Get HUGE Bonuses - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-30
Free PS Plus Games for May 2021 - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-29
The Last of Us 3 Exists... Sort Of - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-28
Why Has Xbox Games With Gold Been So Disappointing Lately? - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-27
EA is "Turning Up the Heat" to Get FIFA Players to Buy More Loot Boxes - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-26
Cyberpunk 2077 Still Made a Ton of Money, Despite Refunds - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-24
PlayStation Scores Another Big Exclusive - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-22
KOTOR Remake Reportedly In Development, Not from EA - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-21
Overwatch 2 Director Jeff Kaplan Leaves Blizzard - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-21
PlayStation Backtracks on PS3, Vita After Fan Backlash - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-19
PlayStation 5 Smashes Another Sales Record - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-16
Days Gone Gets PC Release Date, and Major Enhancements - IGN The Fix: Games 2021-04-15

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