Jesse Felder worked for the largest firm on Wall Street, co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm and has been active in the markets for over 20 years. This podcast is his journey to talk with a number of superinvestors who have been an inspiration to him in an effort to understand what makes them so successful in the financial markets and in life.


Title Date published
#43: Diego Parrilla On Appreciating The Opportunity Set In ‘Antibubbles’ 2021-04-21
#42: Adam Rozencwajg On The Speculative Mania In Green Energy Stocks 2021-03-10
#41: James Davolos On Protecting Yourself Against A Paradigm Shift In Inflation 2021-02-24
#40: Grant Williams On Focusing On What's Important 2021-02-10
#39: John Hussman On Navigating One Of The Most Overextended Stock Markets Of All Time 2021-01-27
#38: Danielle DiMartino Booth On The Future Of The Federal Reserve 2021-01-13
#37: Keith McCullough On The Power Of Betting On Yourself 2020-12-02
#36: Peter Atwater On The Coming Age Of 'Screwtiny' 2020-11-11
#35: Leigh Goehring On The Generational Opportunity In Energy Stocks Today 2020-10-07
#34: Michael Green On Detecting The Greatest Value In Markets Today 2020-09-16
#33: Bill Fleckenstein On Profiting From Central Bank Mistakes 2020-04-22
#32: Christopher Cole On Appreciating Risk 2020-02-19
#31: Rob Arnott On Engineering A Better Index 2019-12-04
#30: Meb Faber On The Future Of Investment Management 2019-09-25
#29: Louis-Vincent Gave On Staying One Step Ahead Of The Markets 2019-08-14
#28: Michael Oliver On Why Momentum Is Truth In Markets 2019-07-10
#27: Diego Parrilla On The Perpetual Search For Extreme Optionality 2019-01-09
#26: Erik Townsend On The Intersection Of Distributed Ledger Technology And Global Macro Investing 2018-12-05
#25: Jonathan Tepper On The Single Most Important Question Investors Should Be Asking Right Now 2018-11-08
#24: Fred Hickey On Trusting In Your Own Research And Experience 2018-09-12

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