With(in) is a podcast that is committed to shifting the conversation on who is in prison, specifically within the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC), through meaningful, complex and enlightening conversations with incarcerated people in Colorado and others in and around the system. With(in) is a collaboration between the DU Prison Arts Initiative (DU PAI) and the Colorado Department of Corrections. With(in) is hosted by Denise Presson (incarcerated in Denver Women's Correctional Facility), Andrew Draper (incarcerated in Sterling Correctional Facility) and Ashley Hamilton (Founder and Director of the DU Prison Arts Initiative). With(in) is recorded in the vault of the Denver Complex Correctional Facility and is supported by a team of incarcerated producers. For more information, including to read With(in)'s newsletter Reverberations from With(in), please visit thisiswithin.com.


Title Date published
Episode 12: Time For Compassion 2019-12-21
Episode 11: Groundskeeper 2019-12-10
Episode 10: On Both Sides of the Glass 2019-11-26
Episode 9: Create to Relate 2019-11-13
Episode 8: Surviving Myself 2019-11-05
Episode 7: Reverberations 2019-10-29
Episode 6: Fear Made the Lion, Part 2 2019-10-23
Episode 5: Fear Made the Lion, Part 1 2019-10-15
Episode 4: Numbers Don't Lie 2019-10-08
Episode 3: A Dangerous Version of the Telephone Game 2019-10-01
Episode 2: It's A Civil War 2019-09-24
Episode 1: The Shift 2019-09-17
Introducing With(in) 2019-08-28

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