The team at the Environmental Technology Centre (ETC) at The University of Nottingham work with small to medium scale companies to find solutions to a range of problems which can be solved using clever technology and gadgets. Find out how they do this in these videos.


Title Date published
Inspect-a-Gadget - Meet the Environmental Technology Team 2013-07-05
Inspect-a-Gadget - Patch the Pink Dog! 2013-07-05
Inspect-a-Gadget - The Heat is On! 2013-07-05
Inspect-a-Gadget - Use the Gears! 2013-09-13
Inspect-a-Gadget - Gun-a Plug that Hole 2013-09-13
Inspect-a-Gadget - Waste not, Want not! 2013-09-13
Our experts make it rain inside Nottingham Contemporary! 2013-09-27
Inspect-a-Gadget - The lighter side of life! 2013-09-27
Inspect-a-Gadget - Measuring where no measurer has gone before! 2013-11-13
Inspect-a-Gadget - It's just a phase or three! 2013-11-13

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