Mission Log is a Roddenberry Entertainment podcast with the sole purpose of exploring the Star Trek universe one episode at a time. That’s right, this podcast will cover six different series and 30 seasons of television by journeying into every one of the 726 episodes with a single mission: to explore, debate and discuss one of the largest science fiction phenomena of all time, Star Trek. Starting with The Original Series’ initial pilot and continuing chronologically until we reach the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, each week our hosts will tackle a single episode, delving into the most historical and hysterical science fiction that Star Trek has to offer. Along with a variety of guests and interviews, Mission Log will attempt to reach Star Trek’s ethical subtext, understand it’s complex metaphors and finally figure out what was the trouble with those tribbles. Explore strange new details. Seek out new perspectives; deeper understandings. Boldly go where so many of us love to go, again and again. Join us for Mission Log!


Title Date published
Supplemental 45 - Doug Drexler is Caught in the Nexus 2018-10-01
294 - Necessary Evil 2018-09-27
293 - Rules of Acquisition 2018-09-20
292 - Melora 2018-09-13
291 - Cardassians 2018-09-06
290 - Invasive Procedures 2018-08-30
289 - The Circle and The Siege 2018-08-23
288 - The Homecoming 2018-08-16
Supplemental 44 - But, is it Star Trek? Or, Yet another one from the Rio 2018-08-09
Supplemental 43 - The One with the Roddenberry Podcast Network 2018-08-07
287 - In the Hands of the Prophets 2018-08-02
Supplemental 42 - Divisions at San Diego Comic Con 2018 2018-07-26
286 - Duet 2018-07-19
285 - Dramatis Personae 2018-07-12
284 - The Forsaken 2018-06-28
283 - If Wishes Were Horses 2018-06-21
282 - Progress 2018-06-14
281 - The Storyteller 2018-06-07
280 - Battle Lines 2018-05-31
279 - Vortex 2018-05-24

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