Learn how to be the very best Pokémon Trainer like no-one ever was! Pokedex Radio is a fan-made podcast about the Pokemon video game series. We discuss the mechanics of the games, give the latest Pokemon related news, and more! Please visit PokedexRadio.com. Send your feedback to Feedback@PokedexRadio.com.


Title Date published
Pokémon Direct thoughts, Pokémon GO Fest, Magikarp Jump – FSPR101 2017-06-12
Pokémon merch leads to Stars speculation, GO Grass event, Niantic community events – FSPR100 2017-05-07
New Nintendo 2DS XL, Pokémon GO 2017 updates, Codename: Pokémon Stars – FSPR99 2017-04-29
McDonald’s “Race to 100” sweepstakes, Pokémon on Disney XD and SNES Classic Edition rumors – FSPR98 2017-04-22
Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza, Pokémon 20th movie update and four Mega Stone code – FSPR97 2017-04-16
Pokémon GO virtual trespassing lawsuit and what the Nintendo Switch needs to do next – FSPR96 2017-04-09
Evolution items in GO, PETA cries over Milk and GameStop sales slipping – FSPR95 2017-04-03
GO Water Festival, Switch Joy-Con issues, Ash’s Pikachu event – FSPR94 2017-03-26
Nintendo Switch sales slipping, Pokémon GO trading and Poké Walker achievement – FSPR93 2017-03-19
Nintendo Switch issues and Pokémon the Movie 20 – FSPR92 2017-03-11
Pokedex Radio is back, Pokemon Day and Pokemon I Choose You 20th Movie – FSPR91 2017-03-04
Pokémon: The First Movie sales and Super Smash Bros. Demo at SDCC – FSPR90 2014-08-04
Super Secret Bases and Mega Metagross announced – FSPR89 2014-07-16
Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions and Pokémon Center website – FSPR88 2014-07-13
Johto Legendary Pokémon – FSPR87 2014-07-06
Kanto Legendary Pokémon – FSPR86 2014-06-28
E3 2014 Reactions – FSPR85 2014-06-19
E3 2014 Predictions and Hoenn Starters Mega Evolution – FSPR84 2014-06-08
Hyrule Warriors and Fancy Pattern Vivillon – FSPR83 2014-05-29
Pokémon Art Academy and Poké Ball patterned Vivillon – FSPR82 2014-05-20

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