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Title Date published
7/7/17 - Days of the 'one-size-fits-all' are over (Bill O'Reilly and Mike Grygiel Join Glenn) 2017-07-07
7/6/17 - This Is What Happens To Socialized Health Care? (Ben Shapiro Joins Glenn) 2017-07-06
7/5/17 - Values and Heroes 2017-07-05
6/30/17 - Glenn chats with radio legend Don Imus (WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT) 2017-06-30
6/29/17 - President Trump tweeted what??? 2017-06-29
6/28/17 - Washington isn't coming to the rescue 2017-06-28
6/27/17 - The GOP is about to force single payer health care on you (Mark Levin & Brad Thor Join) 2017-06-27
6/26/17 - Will America ever be how we knew it? (Riaz Patel Joins Glenn) 2017-06-26
6/23/17 - Johnny Depp is John Wilkes Booth? (Bill O'Reilly and Adam Carolla Join Glenn) 2017-06-23
6/22/17 - What's wrong with the Senate's healthcare bill? (Tim Schmidt and Rep. Thomas Massie) 2017-06-22
6/21/17 - What would America look like if... (Danielle DiMartino-Booth Joins Glenn) 2017-06-21
6/20/17 - Is the left fine with violence? (Steven Kotler Joins Glenn) 2017-06-20
6/19/17 - The end of the valedictorian 2017-06-19
6/16/17 - So Many Miracles (Bill 0'Reilly and Mark Batterson Join Glenn) 2017-06-16
6/15/17 - Who Is To Blame For The DC Shooting? (Rep. Barry Loudermilk Joins Glenn) 2017-06-15
6/14/17 - Congressman Steve Scalise shot in DC 2017-06-14
6/13/17 - Why Glenn loves the audience so much.(Bill O'Reilly and Jim Demint Join Glenn) 2017-06-13
6/12/17 - Time for Armageddon Al Gore to admit he was wrong? 2017-06-12
6/9/17 - Obama Still Trying To Convince The World(Shannon Joy/ Erick Stackelbeck and more join Mike) 2017-06-09
6/8/17 - Comey on the record. The audio. (Scottie Nell Hughes Joins The Program) 2017-06-08

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