A weekly podcast exploring academic research on religion and featuring top scholars in history, sociology, political science, economics and religious studies.


Title Date published
#1 Matthew Moore on Buddhism, Meditating Machines, and the Robopocalypse. 2018-09-16
#2 Daniel Stiles on Cowboy Churches 2018-09-09
#3 Ron Hassner on Sacred Spaces and Holy Conflict 2018-09-02
#4 Emily Fisher Gray on Luther’s 95 Theses 2018-08-26
#5 Colleen Haight on the Oracle of Delphi 2018-08-19
#6 Rod Stark on How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists 2018-08-12
#7 Jim Papandrea on Christology, Superheroes, and Science Fiction Films 2018-08-05
#8 Larry Iannaccone on Sacrifice, Stigma, and the Economics of Religion 2018-07-29
#9 Carmel Chiswick on the Economics of Being Jewish in America 2018-07-22
#10 Karrie Koesel on Religion and Politics in China 2018-07-15

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