It’s time to get authentic - without the fluff. Laura Coe - coach, author, entrepreneur, and philosophy lover - interviews successful New York Times best selling authors, Ceos, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to get honest, get specific, and go deep about what it really means to live an authentic life and have success. The Art of Authenticity is a real-world guide on navigating a life of meaning and success, despite what life throws at you.


Title Date published
Kute Blackstone: The Magic of Surrender 2021-05-10
Bryan Reeves: Choose Her Every Day or (Leave Her) 2021-04-23
Marci Shimoff: Love and Happiness for No Reason 2020-12-10
B. Jeffery Madoff: Creative Careers: How to Make a Living with Your Ideas 2020-10-18
Dr. Margaret Paul, PhD: Empower Yourself To Heal Within 2020-08-12
On The Nature of Love 2020-07-13
Discover How to Systematically Listen to Your Truth 2020-07-08
Best of 2019 Jacqueline Sinclair: Art, Personal Balance, and Jazz 2020-01-09
Best of 2019 Paul Jarvis: Company of One 2020-01-07
Best of 2019: Silvy Khoucasain: Love with Integrity 2020-01-07
Best of 2019 Neil Pasricha: Happiness Equation 2020-01-02
Dominick Quartuccio: Helping High Performers with Burnout 2019-11-06
Silvy Khoucasian: Love with Integrity 2019-07-29
Hamilton Souther: Explore Consciousness with a Master Shaman 2019-06-15
Michelle Tillis Lederman: The Connector's Advantage 2019-05-13
Cal Callahan: Wall Street to Spiritual Warrior 2019-04-22
Mastery of Self 2019-04-01
Dr. Frankie Bashan: How to Find Authentic Love 2019-03-14
Jacqueline Sinclair: Art, Personal Balance, Spirituality and Jazz 2019-02-13
Neil Pasricha: The Happiness Equation 2019-01-20

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