This podcast by Dietitian and Integrative Health Coach Betsy Thurston will cover practical ways to manage weight and eating challenges. You will learn how to stop binge eating, control weight without dieting, and develop a new relationship with eating, food, and your body. See for additional information


Title Date published
Unlearn unhealthy eating habits by accessing the subconscious mind. IFS therapy in action. 2021-05-27
To Lose Weight, Don’t Think About Losing Weight 2021-04-30
How to Defeat the “Why Bother” Mentality 2021-04-15
The Habit of Self-Sabotage and Rethinking Everything 2021-03-22
Letting Go of the Habits and the Forces Driving Our Unhealthy Habits 2021-03-04
Obsessive Thinking About Food and Your Body 2021-02-25
Fear, Eating, Pain and the Polyvagal Theory 2021-02-18
A Spiritual Solution to Food Addiction 2021-02-11
Is Being Thin Really That Important? 2021-02-04
Trust Your Body, Trust the Process, Trust Life 2021-01-28
How to Stop Making Excuses and Take Charge of Your Health Goals 2021-01-21
How Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In Causes Binge Eating 2021-01-14
How to keep healthy eating goals in the midst of physical pain, exhaustion or discomfort 2021-01-07
The Importance of Setting a Daily Intention 2020-12-31
Handling Special Occasions, Family Drama, And Practicing Forgiveness 2020-12-22
Living Without the Brakes On; Learning to Stop Self Sabotage 2020-12-17
How to Balance the Food You Eat 2020-12-10
Structuring Meals & Managing Intrusive Thoughts About Food 2020-12-03
How to Use the Hunger Scale for Intuitive Eating 2020-11-26
This Tool Can Stop Your Food Cravings 2020-11-19

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