Matthew Kind from the website CannaInsider provides weekly interviews with the leading voices of the rapidly growing Cannabis, Marijuana Industry. Listen in and learn as visionaries discuss the trends and technology that are shaping the industry. Each week you’ll learn about; what is going on in The Marijuana Industry, what states are legalizing and when, what jobs are being created by both recreational and Medical Marijuana (MMJ) legalization, ways to invest in cannabis businesses, and fun and safe ways to partake in Marijuana Tourism. Looking for more? We also interview various experts including: cannabis chemists, dispensary owners, manufacturers of marijuana infused products (MIPS), seed companies, marijuana and cannabis investors and entrepreneurs.


Title Date published
Ep 346 - Cannabis Retail Sales Are Expected to Double by 2025, Expert Explains Why 2021-05-10
Ep 345 - Industry Veteran Explains How to Stand Out in a Crowded CBD Market 2021-05-03
Ep 344 - Midwest Cannabis Company Thrives In a Difficult Market 2021-04-26
Ep 343 - Here's What Cannabis Consumers Are Purchasing in 2021... 2021-04-19
Ep 342 - Cannabis Extraction is Booming - Largest Extraction Company Reveals Trends 2021-04-12
Ep 341 - Social Equity Initiatives Spark A Cannabis Incubator in N. California... 2021-04-05
Ep 340 - She Uses Crowdfunding To Fund Her Cannabis Soil Business 2021-03-29
Ep 339 - GrowGeneration: Consolidating The Market For Cannabis Grower's Supplies 2021-03-22
Ep 338 - Only The Cleanest Cannabis Grows Past Government Tests 2021-03-15
Ep 337 - Silicon Valley Switching Focus to the Cannabis Dispensary 2021-03-08
Ep 336 - Cannabis Jobs Are Booming, CEO of Leafly Gives The Details 2021-03-01
Ep 335 - Selling Cannabis Above Market Rate? Here’s How... 2021-02-22
Cannabis After Covid – 7 Ways The Cannabis Industry Will Change After COVID-19 (Encore) 2021-02-15
Ep 334 - Master Grower Shares Secrets of World Class Cannabis Cultivation 2021-02-08
Ep 333 - Iconic Cannabis Company Harborside Taken Over and Moving in a New, More Profitable Direction 2021-02-01
Ep 332 - The Zillow of Cannabis Properties? 2021-01-25
Ep 331 - Insider Reveals How To Design a Cannabis Dispensary Customers Flock To 2021-01-18
Ep 330 - The Startup Behind PBR’s Cannabis Drinks Is Opening the Door to New Possibilities… 2021-01-11
The Cannabinoid Science Nobody is Talking About (Holiday Encore 3 of 3) 2021-01-04
These Low-THC Cannabis Drinks Are Disrupting The Alcohol Industry (Holiday Encore 2 of 3) 2020-12-28

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