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Title Date published
PS5's Ray Tracing Is the New 3D 2019-04-30
Mortal Kombat 11 Story Is Call of Duty Meets Chrono Trigger 2019-04-22
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 1886 2019-04-16
If You Say Destiny You Get Fired 2019-04-10
Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Be an Epic Games Store Exclusive on PC? 2019-04-05
This Podcast Is Not Being Delivered by Google Stadia... Yet 2019-03-26
Sorry About the Pause, I Was Buffering 2019-03-20
The Division 2 Times Recording of the Same Podcast 2019-03-11
Why Do Pokemon Games Release in Twos? 2019-03-04
Why Nintendo Switch Exclusives Are Crushing PS4, Xbox Releases in 2019 2019-02-18
Not Enough Bugs for a Country Roads Reference 2019-02-12
The Anaconda Has 16GB RAM 2019-02-04
Should PUBG Mobile Be Banned in India? 2019-01-28
Is Resident Evil 2 the Ultimate AAA Inventory Manager? 2019-01-21
Is Ubisoft the Most Epic Influencer? 2019-01-14
Indians Are People Too, Nintendo! 2019-01-08
Will PS4 Be Available Under Rs. 20,000 in India? 2019-01-02
A Discless Xbox Is Rishi's Dreamhack Console 2018-12-25
Be A Hole 2018-12-20
88 Percent of All Ninjas Play Free 2018-12-13

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