Welcome to the Rock Your Purpose Podcast! This is the place to find inspiration and life-changing tools to awaken your authentic self, & activate your purpose as a heart-centered leader and entrepreneur. I'm Emily Perry, an Energetic Mastery Business Coach, an International Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork Teacher, and I'm here to take you behind the scenes in creating your own purpose revolution! On this show, we jam about all things conscious business: from energy work to soul work, from law of attraction to purpose-aligned strategy. We talk about embodied manifestation as well as scaling and growing your heart-centered business. Listen in as I share with you my decades of experience in spiritual and energetic practices distilled into real-world-ready insight. Let's dive in!


Title Date published
Six Keys to Finding Momentum in Your Purpose-Aligned Soul Business [#134] 2021-06-10
Limiting Beliefs and Your Abundance Story [#133] 2021-06-03
Claim Your Crown - Energetic Embodiment [#132] 2021-05-27
Tapping into Your Soul-Guided Vision with Suki Eleuterio [#131] 2021-05-20
Stop Waiting and Start Leading [#130] 2021-05-13
The Tools I Use in My Online Conscious Business & Podcast [#129] 2021-05-06
The Messy Middle: Up-Leveling in Your Leadership as a Heart-Led Entrepreneur [#128] 2021-04-29
It's Time to Shine: Light Up Your Leadership [#127] 2021-04-22
The Link Between Visibility and Imposter Syndrome [#126] 2021-04-15
The Energy of Transformation in Coaching [#125] 2021-04-08
Next-Level Law of Attraction with David Strickel of the Stream of David [#124] 2021-04-01
How Embodied Manifestation Goes Beyond the Law of Attraction [#123] 2021-03-25
Deep Work & Embodied Leadership with Amber Campion [#122.] 2021-03-19
3 Steps to Building and Growing Your Online Business [#121] 2021-03-11
Be MAGNETIC- How your Energy Impacts Your Results in Your Soul Business [#120] 2021-03-09
Healing, Embodiment, & Weaving a New Earth with Thérèse Cator of Embodied Black Girl [#119] 2021-03-04
The Turning Point in My Heart-Centered Business [#118] 2021-03-02
Trusting Your Truth with Shannon Algeo of the SoulFeed Podcast [#117] 2021-02-25
Behind the Scenes of Magnetic: Soul Business Accelerator for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs [#116] 2021-02-23
How Imposter Syndrome Keeps Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Stuck [#115] 2021-02-18

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