John Piper is founder and teacher of; he is author of more than 50 books and travels regularly to preach and teach. New messages are posted to this podcast as they become available. Piper’s sermons, books, articles, and more are available free of charge at We want people everywhere to understand and embrace the truth that God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him.


Title Date published
The Achievement of Christ Without Which There Would Be No Others 2021-05-09
Can Joy Come in Sorrow? Lessons for an Authentic Christian Life 2021-05-02
‘Hallowed Be Your Name’: The Greatest Prayer in All the World 2021-02-21
Doing the Right Thing Never Ruins Your Life: A Belief That Prevents Abortion 2021-01-28
Faith That Satisfies — and Saves: What It Means to Come to Jesus 2021-01-17
Singing, Suffering, and Scripture: How God Keeps Us Through Song 2020-11-08
Every Letter Kills, Including Shakespeare: Pressing Through Texts in the Power of the Spirit 2020-07-19
Exposition or Imposition? How Gospel-Centered Preaching Can Go Wrong 2020-06-28
The Second Coming: Not Before the ‘Man of Lawlessness’ 2020-06-21
Does God Intend Evil for Our Good? Providential Peril for Joseph, Jesus, and You 2020-06-14
The Second Coming: Wrath and Rescue 2020-04-05
Live for Your Greatest Desire: Jesus 2020-02-23
Serious Joy, Cultural Conflict, and Christian Humility: Thoughts on Christian Education 2020-01-19
Christ Magnified in His World Through Servants Satisfied in His Worth 2020-01-12
Seek the Things That Are Above 2019-12-29
How Does Humility Lead in Conflict? A Charge to Christian Leaders 2019-12-08
‘How God Made Me Happy in Him’: John Piper’s Journey to Joy 2019-11-17
Seven Reasons We Must Pursue Supreme Satisfaction in God 2019-11-10
A Peculiar Act of Worship: Preaching as Expository Exultation 2019-11-03
The Explosive Power of the Resurrection — Now 2019-10-06

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