<p><b>You, Me, Empathy</b> is the official podcast of <b>The Feely Human Collective! </b>On this show, we explore the struggles, the triumphs, the brights and the darks we face as humans trying to get by on this wondrous and overwhelming pale blue dot.</p> <p>The intent of You, Me, Empathy is to talk openly, without judgment, about our mental health, our neuroses, our shared anxieties and worries, to create a dialog that is vulnerable and deeply human and empathetic—and to share that dialog with others to inspire emotional and cognitive collaboration and insight so we can, hand in hand, break down the stigma that make us feel shame and guilt for struggling, for feeling our feelings, for being <b>feely humans</b>.</p> <p>Created and hosted by Nōn Wels.</p> <p><i>The You, Me, Empathy podcast is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.</i></p>


Title Date published
177: The Strength of the Highly Sensitive Person with Alexandria Thibodeaux 2021-05-10
176: You Are the Spell with Alia Walston 2021-05-03
175: Know Your Endo with Jessica Murnane 2021-04-26
174: The Beauty of What Remains with Rabbi Steve Leder 2021-04-19
173: Why Pain Needs to Be Shared with Marianna Palka 2021-04-12
172: Empathy In Representation with Rae Senarighi 2021-04-05
171: Allowing People To See Us Just As We Are with Michelle Hammer 2021-03-29
170: Critical Thinking for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack 2021-03-22
169: Shifts, Othering, and Literacy and Mental Health with Minaa B. 2021-03-15
168: The Silence, Stigma, and Shame in Miscarriage with Jessica Zucker 2021-03-08
167: Sacredness In the Bright and the Dark with Mari Andrew 2021-03-01
166: Grieving Our Past Self and Celebrating Our Present Self with Cait Flanders 2021-02-22
165: Toxic Productivity, Burnout, and Rest with Emily McDowell 2021-02-15
164: Masculinity and The Stigma of Fear and Shame with Mark Pagán 2021-02-08
163: Family Dysfunction and Boundaries with Nikki Eisenhauer 2021-02-01
162: Dismantling Normal with Meaghan Shaffer 2021-01-25
161: The Opportunity and Beauty of Impermanence with Jason Garner 2021-01-18
160: Energy, Metaphysics, and Crystal Healing with Azalea Lee 2021-01-11
159: Shame is a Weird Amorphous Force with Kye Plant 2021-01-04
158: Optimism, Authenticity, and Living In Your Truth with Wendy Jones 2020-12-28

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