Boing Boing Gadgets is a weekly podcast introducing gadgets as reviewed by Boing Boing's editors and guests. Xeni Jardin, Mark Frauenfelder, and Jason Weisberger review personal electronics, video and photography equipment, tools for arts, crafts and making, cooking and kitchen, or fun in the outdoors. Learn about new must have technology and toys from the people who play with it all. Listen to Boing Boing Gadgets!


Title Date published
Gadgets 024 2015-02-06
Gadgets 023 2015-01-22
Gadgets 022 2015-01-13
Gadgets 021 2014-11-27
Gadgets 020 2014-11-20
Gadgets 019 2014-11-13
Gadgets 018 2014-11-05
Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur, Seth Godin 2014-10-31

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