Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.


Title Date published
Balloonfest ‘86! with Harmony Colangelo 2024-07-11
Phones Are Good, Actually with Taylor Lorenz 2024-06-25
Immigration with Alejandra Oliva 2024-06-12
The Tradwife Rises with Sarah Archer 2024-05-29
Rosa Parks with Princess Weekes 2024-05-15
George Michael Part 2 with Marcus McCann 2024-05-01
George Michael Part 1 with Marcus McCann 2024-04-17
Hoax Spectacular! with Chelsey Weber-Smith 2024-04-01
BONUS Britney Spears Book Club with Eve Lindley 2024-03-26
The Oscars Streaker with Michael Schulman 2024-03-19
Balto with Blair Braverman 2024-03-04
The Shoe Bomber with Miles Klee 2024-02-20
Tiny Tim with Harmony Colangelo 2024-02-06
The “Pro-Life” Movement with Megan Burbank 2024-01-25
The Battle of the Sexes with Julie Kliegman 2024-01-08
The Exorcist with Marlena Williams 2023-12-28
Influencers with Taylor Lorenz 2023-12-12
Cattle Mutilation with Rachel Monroe 2023-11-28
Amy Winehouse with Eve Lindley 2023-11-14
Our Dearest Fears with Chelsey Weber-Smith 2023-10-30

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