Phil Friend invites disabled people in to talk about the stuff they use to overcome the barriers they face in living an independent life. Some very innovative and left-field thinking is the name of the game


Title Date published
Better Communication means Better Healthcare 2021-04-12
Gordon McCullough CEO at RIDC shares his thoughts and ideas about a post COVID future 2021-03-15
Hazel Dudley - Photography, Travel and Liverpool FC. 2020-11-30
Gavin Neate - Making the world a better place. 2020-10-17
Patrick Burke - Design and Function should go hand in hand. 2020-10-05
Mary Duffy Innovator par excellence. 2020-07-28
Steph Cutler - Panorama and Victoria Sponge? 2020-06-29
Sue Kent - Hands and Feet in Harmony 2020-05-18
Rudi Breakwell-Boss - Bent spoons and Gobbledegook 2020-02-17
Ross Hovey – Red Through and Through 2020-01-16
Shannon Murray – Cars, Sticks and Toilet seats! 2019-11-23
Andy Healey - When push comes to shove. 2019-10-28
Jamie Knight and Lion - Jamie explains the importance of the tech. 2019-09-26
Alice Maynard on the things that help her maintain her independence. 2019-09-05
Vivek Gohil – Gamer Extraordinaire. 2019-08-16
Have Spoon Will Travel - Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds 2019-07-12
It’s all about finding your way around says R​ick Williams 2019-06-29
Simon Minty on his most useful gadgets 2019-06-14
Geoff Adams-Spink talks about his favourite gadgets 2019-05-30
Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos 2019-03-30

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