Upskill on your cannabis business, finance, and compliance skills! If you’re looking for quick, easy, and value-added information about doing business in the cannabis industry, then look no more. Each episode of Cannabis Business Minds will provide you valuable tips and insight from industry leaders that you can apply to your own business or career. Hosted by CPA and Cannabis Advisor, Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA.


Title Date published
Fundraising for your cannabis business 2021-02-23
New Year, New Goals. Let's talk about cannabis accounting 2021-02-16
An update on CBM and 2021 Changes 2021-02-11
3 Months to passing medical cannabis legalization in the UK. 2020-11-24
Entrepreneur Resilience and Progress on the Federal Level. 2020-11-19
Interview with the Pioneer of CBD reform in France! 2020-11-17
From Retail Dispensary to MSO 2020-10-23
The legalities of CBD in the US from our legal experts. 2020-10-15
CBD Wholesale pricing, the Washington Market, and Finance Tips 2020-10-14
A Deep Dive in the Michigan Market with the Regulators 2020-10-01
Invite to Cannabis Business Week 2020-07-16
Building a Whole Plant Based Nutrition Brand 2020-07-10
Defining your Message and Leading through constant change 2020-07-01
Do you have an Equity Plan? 2020-06-18
Customer Engagement 2020-06-04
Cannabis Consumer Insights amid Uncertainty from MJ Freeway - Part 2 2020-06-04
Anti-racism, allyship, and #amplifymelanatedvoices resources 2020-06-03
I am a Cannabis Professional - Challenge 2020-06-01
What will cannabis look like when it's federally legal? 2020-05-15
The importance of business development during COVID. 2020-04-16

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