Ready to grow your business with modern social media marketing strategies? Join me as I keep up with the ever changing world of social media and teach you how to stay at the forefront of new trends! We'll also be talking about the tactical side of things and break down my own, unique social media strategies as well as interview social media experts who are crushing it! From Instagram to Facebook and YouTube to TikTok, we talk about everywhere your business should exist on social media, and how to create the content to do it! Find me over on Instagram @DerekVidell.CEO and Founder of 🎵 by Veshza


Title Date published
139: Why I Quit Clubhouse 2021-05-10
138: How to Be a Tactical and Authentic Social Media Marketer 2021-05-04
137: The Four Agreements to Overcome Imposter Syndrome 2021-04-26
136: Major Updates to Instagram Reels and What to Do About it... 2021-04-19
135: How to Always Have Ideas for Content 2021-04-13
134: How to Choose a Niche: The Info You've Been Missing... 2021-04-05
133: The Best Instagram Hashtag Strategy (Part 2) 2021-03-22
132: Designing a Content Creation Machine (Interview with John Lee Dumas) 2021-03-15
131: The Best Instagram Hashtag Strategy (Revised for 2021) 2021-03-09
130: Are You Sure You Should Be an Entrepreneur? (Recap of Ben Leavitt Interview) 2021-03-02
129: Want me to Follow you on Clubhouse? 2021-02-22
128: Owning Social Media without it Owning You (Interview with David Wood) 2021-02-19
127: Common Pitfalls for Modern Day Social Media Marketers (Interview with Ben Leavitt) 2021-02-10
126: Quick Tips to Get Good on Video (Recap of Josh Ryan Interview) 2021-02-02
125: How to Grow on YouTube in 2021 (Interview with Josh Ryan) 2021-01-26
124: How to Gain 1-10k REAL Followers in the Next 30 Days 2021-01-19
123: Is Instagram's Organic Reach Dead? 2021-01-05
122: Reacting to The Social Dilemma and Apple's War with Facebook Ads 2020-12-29
121: An Instant Shift in Mindset to Better Your Focus 2020-12-17
120: Updates to the Story Engagement Algorithm 2020-12-11

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