Mindspeak explores holistic mental health and all things mind-body wellness. Join nutritionist and hypnotherapist, Holly Higgins, for weekly discussions about the power of intentional thought and belief; how your subconscious mind influences your health and happiness; and how to harness the food-mood, gut-brain connection. Discover alternative healing modalities for depression and anxiety, hear stories from those who have achieved radical remission, and find the tools you need to take back your power. New episodes every Tuesday!


Title Date published
046: The Tool That Skyrocketed My Intuition (Plus Workshop Announcement!) 2021-02-16
045: Hypnosis FAQs - The Top 5 Questions Iā€™m Asked About RTT Hypnotherapy 2021-02-02
044: How the Beauty Industry Stifles Our Intuition with Lauren Geertsen 2021-01-19
043: Upgrade Your Human Operating System with Dr. Brian T. Lumb and Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues 2021-01-13
042: Habit Changes Always Fail Without This 2021-01-05
041: Astrology as a Tool for Emotional Wellbeing with Natha Campanella 2020-12-22
040: Announcing Mission Unblocked ā€” My Program for Practitioners, Coaches, and Creatives who are Done Feeling Stuck and Small 2020-12-15
039: Navigating the Weirdness of Winter 2020 2020-12-08
038: Censorship and Cancel Culture ā€” I'm Speaking Out 2020-11-10
037: Compartmentalizing Worry 2020-11-03
036: The Benefit of the Backslide (Why You Should Celebrate Screw-Ups) 2020-10-27
035: Free Clearing Meditation Download (Plus a User's Guide) 2020-10-21
034: Be Afraid and Do It Anyway ā€” 5 Lessons from 1 Year of Podcasting 2020-10-06
033: When Affirmations Aren't Working 2020-09-29
032: Money as Part of the Healing Journey (Plus, Win RTT with Me!) 2020-09-21
031: Change Your Perspective on "Self-Sabotage" Forever (Conscious vs. Subconscious, Gas vs. Brake) 2020-09-15
030: What It Means When You See Repeating Numbers (111, 222, 444, etc.) 2020-08-18
029: Credentials Don't Create Confidence (But These 3 Things Do) 2020-08-11
028: The Lifelong Habit I Broke in 21 Days Using RTT Hypnotherapy 2020-08-04
027: Why I've Been Quiet for 3+ Months and Why It's OK to Struggle Right Now 2020-07-28

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