Leah Remini and Mike Rinder's new podcast, Scientology: Fair Game will take you behind the facade and expose the terrible truth about scientology's Fair Game doctrine. It's been used for 5 decades to destroy anyone they label an enemy -- former scientologists, media, government officials -- anyone they think is impeding their objectives. Leah and Mike are covering new ground, digging deeper than ever into the shocking documents, facts and stories that will make you wonder how any of this is going on in America today.


Title Date published
Episode 40: Cult Expert Dr. Steven Hassan 2021-05-11
Episode 39: Former A&E Executive Devon Graham Hammonds 2021-05-04
Episode 38: Listener Questions #4 2021-04-27
Episode 37: Mormon Stories Host Dr. John Dehlin 2021-04-20
Episode 36: Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 2 2021-04-13
Episode 35: Former Scientology Executive and Critical Thinker Chris Shelton 2021-04-06
Episode 34: Journalist and Author John Sweeney 2021-03-30
Episode 33: Journalist Yashar Ali 2021-03-23
Episode 32: Aftermath Executive Producer Aaron Saidman 2021-03-16
Episode 31: NXIVM Whistleblower Sarah Edmondson 2021-03-09
Episode 30: Marc Headley: Author, Whistleblower and Activist 2021-03-02
Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega 2021-02-23
Episode 28: Cultbusting Attorney Ford Greene 2021-02-16
Episode 27: Jon Atack — OG Scientology Whistleblower 2021-02-09
Episode 26: Phil Jones -- the man behind The Billboard 2021-02-02
Episode 25: Whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris 2021-01-26
Episode 24: Author, Activist and Icon Kate Bornstein 2021-01-19
Episode 23: Activist and Blogger Stefani Hutchison 2021-01-12
Episode 22: Geoff Levin Musician, a Founder of Celebrity Centre 2021-01-05
Episode 21: Listener Questions Part 3 2020-12-22

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