Making sense of our political hell every Tuesday and Friday! Oh God, What Now? is the no-bulls**t politics podcast, making the unbearable bearable with top quality guests and analysis, plus poor quality jokes.  Regulars include: Dorian Lynskey, author of The Ministry Of Truth: A Biography of Orwell’s 1984 and host of Origin Story • Alex Andreou, writer, commentator, cook, actor, secret agent • Writer and commentator Ros Taylor • Rachel Cunliffe of the New Statesman • Writer and host of This Is Not A Drill Gavin Esler • Hannah Fearn of the i paper • Comedian Matt Green • New Statesman policy and politics corresponent Zoë Grünewald • Group Editor Andrew Harrison • Journalist Marie Le Conte • Podmasters Managing Editor Jacob Jarvis Sign up and get ad-free shows earlier than anyone else: Oh God, What Now? is a Podmasters production


Title Date published
The Great British Brakes Off 2024-07-19
Trump: The shot heard around the world 2024-07-16
Mr. Starmer Goes to Washington 2024-07-12
Ikea Starmer assembles a Cabinet 2024-07-09
Election Night Live in London Part 2: The Moment of Truth 2024-07-08
Election Night Live in London Part 1: Scorn on the Fourth of July 2024-07-07
Election Aftermath 🌹 At Long Last, Victory 2024-07-05
Election ’24: The Calm Before The Starm 2024-07-04
What if… the Tories won the Election? 2024-07-03
Election ‘24: Sunak’s Last Gasp 2024-07-02
Election Week 5: The Beginning of the End – with Gavin Esler and Ros Taylor 2024-06-28
Election ’24: Starmer – A New Hope? 2024-06-27
Election bonus: Can we trust the polls? – with special guest Prof. John Curtice 2024-06-26
Election ’24: The Wagers of Sin 2024-06-25
Election Week 4: Sunak’s bringing tetchy back – with guest John Crace 2024-06-21
Election '24: Electric Landslide 2024-06-20
Election ’24 Update – Stella Creasy on Labour’s tightrope walk 2024-06-19
Election ’24: Three Liars on a Shirt 2024-06-18
Election Bonus: The Shakespearean Tragedy of Rishi Sunak – with guest Steve Richards 2024-06-14
Election ‘24: No Dish Rish 2024-06-13

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