Welcome to "She Rates Dogs: The Podcast" where the dogs are your exes!! Michaela and Mat are bringing the popular social media page SheRatesDogs to the podcast world— and bringing your worst dating stories with it. They’re focusing on topics relevant to today’s culture and trending issues online, while bringing you modern relationship and life advice. Subscribe and join the SheRatesDogs community to experience the journey and the mishaps of dating men along with your cohosts!​ SheRatesDogs is produced in conjunction with Cadence13.


Title Date published
Tina Turner & The Female Expiration Date with Julia Hava 2021-05-04
The Great Situationship Debate 2021-04-27
What the F*ck is a Gay Guide 2021-04-20
The Morality of Photoshop Culture 2021-04-13
Going Through Break-Ups and Snake Milkers 2021-04-06
Astrology as a Tool with Jessica Lanyadoo 2021-03-30
Age Gaps and Threesomes 2021-03-23
What to Look For: Dating Edition 2021-03-16
Couples Counseling w/ Dr. Viviana Coles of Married at First Sight 2021-03-09
Girl Power and Poisoned Moms 2021-03-02
What's Your Attachment Style? 2021-02-23
Self Help and Mental Health Tips 2021-02-16
Be Our Valentine 2021-02-09
“Alpha Males” versus “Nice Guys” 2021-02-02
Orgasm Anxiety & Other Drugs (Anti-depressants) 2021-01-26
Everybody is Sexy (with Proof) 2021-01-19
Talking Twitter ft. Matt Nelson (WeRateDogs) 2021-01-12
Dating Apps SOS 2021-01-05
Resolutions and Goal Setting 2020-12-29
The Bermuda Triangle of Depressions 2020-12-22

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