Welcome to "She Rates Dogs: The Podcast" where the dogs are your exes!! Michaela and Mat are bringing the popular social media page SheRatesDogs to the podcast world— and bringing your worst dating stories with it. They’re focusing on topics relevant to today’s culture and trending issues online, while bringing you modern relationship and life advice. Subscribe and join the SheRatesDogs community to experience the journey and the mishaps of dating men along with your cohosts!​ SheRatesDogs is produced in conjunction with Cadence13.


Title Date published
Fuckboys and their E. Coli 2020-12-15
The Lingering Effects of Unhealthy Relationships ft. @imdatfeminist 2020-12-08
Family Members and 2000 Pound Horses 2020-12-01
Ghosting and Love Island 2020-11-24
Self Esteem Issues During Quarantine and More! 2020-11-17
#TrumpEvictionParty and Conspiracies 2020-11-10
Long Distance ft Viking Wadsworth 2020-11-03
Dating Horror Stories + Spooky Halloween Show 2020-10-27
Therapy ft. Ellie Schnitt 2020-10-20
What is Gaslighting? 2020-10-13
Michaela’s Teens Burn DVDs + Gender Identity with Sloane Hughes 2020-10-06
Love Languages, Boundaries, and the Worst Lie of the Week 2020-09-29
We Are More Stupid When We Drink 2020-09-22
Where to Spot Red Flags + Improving Your Dating Bio 2020-09-15
We Lie To You - Women Should Pay Less for Brownies 2020-09-08
Back to School + Stop Pissing Yourselves 2020-09-01
Negging + Michaela Accidentally Told Mat’s Boyfriend About His Other Boyfriend 2020-08-25
Firsts, Tinder Bios + How we Poisoned Ourselves 2020-08-18
SheRatesDogs The Podcast Debuts August 18! 2020-08-04

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