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Title Date published
Gist: Trump Will Lose in 2020 2019-07-17
Trumpcast: Trump The Criminal Co-Conspirator 2019-07-16
Dear Prudence: Sex Sabbatical 2019-07-16
What Next: Trump's Racist Tweets Have a Backstory 2019-07-16
Gist: Bring Back Late-Night Cruelty 2019-07-16
Hang Up: The Popping Greenies Edition 2019-07-15
Decoder Ring: Pillow Talk 2019-07-15
What Next: Should Everyone Quit Using Gendered Pronouns? 2019-07-15
Flashback: Sergeant York (1941) 2019-07-14
Working: How Do Oyster Farmers Do Their Job? 2019-07-14
Slate Money: Smoke Filled Rooms 2019-07-13
Trumpcast: The Jeffrey Epstein Complicity Machine 2019-07-13
Gist: Acosta Is Out 2019-07-13
Spoilers - Spiderman: Far From Home 2019-07-12
What Next: This Bad Legal Argument Could Finally End the ACA 2019-07-12
Gist: The CIA’s Bad Ideas 2019-07-12
Political: You the North, We the South 2019-07-11
Studio 360: Lynn Shelton, Ursula von Rydingsvard and worshipping Cruella de Vil 2019-07-11
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Fish and Candy 2019-07-11
The Waves: Hanna and Noreen's Last Show 2019-07-11

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