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Title Date published
What Next: The Ambassador Who Was Too Honest About Trump 2019-07-11
Gist: Soccer’s Pay Parity Problem 2019-07-11
If Then: ICE’s Reckless Use of Facial Recognition Tech 2019-07-10
Trumpcast: Is Trump A Disease? A Medical Perspective 2019-07-10
What Next: The Cloud Over Joe Biden's Son 2019-07-10
Culture Gabfest: Fetch the Mallet 2019-07-10
Gist: The Legacy of Ross Perot 2019-07-10
Dear Prudence: Permanent Closet 2019-07-09
Lexicon: Why Is "Ph" Pronounced That Way? 2019-07-09
Extra: The Craft of John Leguizamo’s Theatrical Schizophrenia 2019-07-09
What Next: The Long, Ugly Road to Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest 2019-07-09
Gist: Life After Death Row 2019-07-09
Hang Up: The All They Do Is Win Edition 2019-07-08
What Next: A Rare Look Inside a Private Prison 2019-07-08
Working: How Does a Tugboat Pilot Do His Job? 2019-07-07
Slate Money: Cribsheet 2019-07-06
Amicus: High Crimes and Misdemeanors 2019-07-06
Studio 360: Live with Studio 360! 2019-07-04
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: What's Up With Your Boyfriend? 2019-07-04
Political: My President Went to North Korea and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt 2019-07-04

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