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Title Date published
Gist: The First “Welfare Queen” 2019-05-21
Hang Up: The Three-Body Problem Edition 2019-05-20
Trumpcast: The Case Of Candidate Joe Biden 2019-05-20
What Next: Why No One Takes Bill de Blasio Seriously 2019-05-20
The Queen: An Incredible Con 2019-05-20
Women in Charge: Madeline Bell 2019-05-20
Flashback: Wanda (1970) 2019-05-19
Working: How Does The Comedy Cellar’s Outside Steve Do His Job? 2019-05-19
Slate Money: The Backwardation Edition 2019-05-18
Trumpcast: When Trump Trolls Give Up The War 2019-05-18
Gist: A Very Grumpy Death 2019-05-17
Spoilers: John Wick III 2019-05-17
Hit Parade: The Bridge | Monster Drums Edition 2019-05-17
What Next: Who Got Hacked in Florida? 2019-05-17
Political: The "Abortion Ban" Edition 2019-05-17
Gist: The Personal Is Geopolitical 2019-05-16
Studio 360: Why Werner Herzog loves cat videos 2019-05-16
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Violating The Uber Pool Code Edition 2019-05-16
What Next: Harvard's Harvey Weinstein Mess 2019-05-16
The Waves: The “Do Real Men Recycle?” Edition 2019-05-16

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