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Title Date published
What Next: Bernie Hasn’t Really Changed 2019-04-10
The Good Fight: Heidi Tworek 2019-04-10
Culture Gabfest: Energy Vampire Edition 2019-04-10
Trumpcast: The Collusion Effect On Our Norms 2019-04-10
Gist: Misquoter in Chief 2019-04-10
Dear Prudence: The "Sexual Side Effects" Edition 2019-04-09
Studio 360: This Woman’s Work: Patti Smith’s Horses 2019-04-09
Slate Money: Travel: Budget Travel Can Be Cool 2019-04-09
What Next: When A Border Wall Isn't Enough 2019-04-09
Gist: The Puppet Masters 2019-04-09
Hang Up: The Make America Cheat Again Edition 2019-04-08
What Next: California Weighs When Police Can Use Deadly Force 2019-04-08
Women in Charge: Virginia Johnson 2019-04-08
Who Runs That: Reductress Co-Founders Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo 2019-04-08
Working: How Does the Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit Do His Job? 2019-04-07
Slate Money: The Evil Empires Edition 2019-04-06
Gist: Are Chiropractors Quacks? 2019-04-06
Spoilers: Shazam! 2019-04-05
What Next: Brexit Isn’t Over and Everything Hurts 2019-04-05
Trumpcast: Behind Closed Doors At Kushner Inc. 2019-04-05

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