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Title Date published
Music Trivia: ’90s Teen-Pop Edition 2018-11-16
What Next: The Gun Owning Doctors Changing the Gun Debate 2018-11-16
Gist: Cult Classic 2018-11-15
Political: The “House Speaker John Lewis” Edition 2018-11-15
Studio 360: Settlers, unsettled 2018-11-15
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Grandma's Baggage Edition 2018-11-15
The Waves: The "Why is No One Having Sex Anymore" Edition 2018-11-15
Gist: Priming New York for Amazon 2018-11-15
Whistlestop: Tip and the Gip Part 1 2018-11-14
What Next: Sins of the Fathers 2018-11-14
If Then: Amazon's Prime Real Estate 2018-11-14
Standoff: The Order and Women in White Power 2018-11-14
Dinner is Served! Edition 2018-11-14
What Next: The Wildfires to Come 2018-11-14
Gist: More Show Than Showdown 2018-11-14
Dear Prudence: The "Animal Husband-ry" Edition 2018-11-13
Lexicon: What Was the First Language? 2018-11-13
Studio 360: To Distill a Mockingbird 2018-11-13
Gist: The Love of the (Basketball) Game 2018-11-13
What Next: The Legacy of the Last Florida Recount 2018-11-12

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