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Title Date published
The Waves: The Rage At Brett Edition 2018-10-04
Gist: Reignited (and It Feels So Good) 2018-10-03
Whistlestop: Taking Aim at the New Guy 2018-10-03
If Then: Fact And Fiction on Wikipedia 2018-10-03
Slow Burn S2: Secret Tracks 2018-10-03
Culture Gabfest: Pope in a Speedo Edition 2018-10-03
Gist: Mueller on the Mind 2018-10-03
Dear Prudence: The “Slightly Lesser Mess” Edition 2018-10-02
Lexicon: Why Do Southerners Talk Like That? 2018-10-02
Sponsored: I Travel For Adventure 2018-10-02
Studio 360: Don McLean's "American Pie" 2018-10-02
Gist: College-Aged Coddling 2018-10-01
Hang Up: The Satan’s Armpit Edition 2018-10-01
Trumpcast Live From The 2018 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, TX 2018-10-01
Women in Charge: Ana Mari Cauce 2018-10-01
Amicus: Live from Austin 2018-10-01
Decoder Ring: Hotel Art 2018-10-01
The “Live from Austin: Do You Have a Drinking Problem, Senator?” Edition 2018-10-01
Working With Weed: How Does an Edibles Baker Work? 2018-09-30
Amicus: The Press, The President, and Enemy Construction 2018-09-29

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