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Title Date published
Gist: The Last Frontier 2020-10-27
Trumpcast: How to Avoid the Potholes of Neo-Nazism 2020-10-27
Dear Prudence: Back To Home School 2020-10-27
Lexicon: Do Cats Have Language? 2020-10-27
How To!: Avoid Becoming Your Mother 2020-10-27
What Next: First-Timers | A New Citizen Votes 2020-10-27
Gist: Georgia on Our Mind 2020-10-26
Decoder Ring: Jane Fonda's Workout, Part 2: Hanoi Jane's VHS Revolution 2020-10-26
Hang Up: Brett Phillips, World Series Hero 2020-10-26
What Next: What Happens to the Pro-Choice Movement Now? 2020-10-26
Working: Joe Sacco’s Journalistic Comics 2020-10-25
Amicus: The American Contest 2020-10-24
Slate Money: Little Googlettes 2020-10-24
Gist: Last Pitch Effort 2020-10-24
Political: Last Debate of Donald Trump’s Career 2020-10-23
Bonus Episode - How To!: Get People to Vote 2020-10-23
What Next TBD: A Historic Case Against Google 2020-10-23
Trumpcast: Reading All Those Trump Books 2020-10-22
Gist: Calling It: Dan Rather 2020-10-22
Mom & Dad: Reopening Schools Edition 2020-10-22

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