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Title Date published
How To!: Give a Killer Speech 2021-04-20
What Next: The Putin Problem 2021-04-20
Mission Interplanetary: Closing Time 2021-04-20
Hang Up: Everyone Hates the European Super League 2021-04-19
What Next: Fear and Paranoia in American Policing 2021-04-19
Working: How Jed Mercurio Makes Realistic TV Dramas 2021-04-18
Slate Money: Wood-Pulp-Based Media 2021-04-17
ICYMI: Will You Accept This SponCon? 2021-04-17
Hit Parade: Taylor’s Version of Country, Part 1 2021-04-17
What Next TBD: Seduced by Substack 2021-04-16
A Word: When Police Kill ... Again 2021-04-16
Spoiler Specials: Godzilla vs. Kong 2021-04-16
Political: Blood Clot 2021-04-15
Mom & Dad: Toddler Ponzi Schemes Edition 2021-04-15
What Next: The Confusion Over Johnson & Johnson 2021-04-15
Culture Gabfest: Sleeps With the Fishes 2021-04-14
What Next: How Republicans Weaponized Cancel Culture 2021-04-14
ICYMI: A Vaccine Is Not a Personality 2021-04-14
Dear Prudence: Citation, Please 2021-04-13
Lexicon: The Invisible Complexities of Translation 2021-04-13

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