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Title Date published
Gist: White Fragility Kills the Argument 2020-07-17
Thirst Aid Kit: Friendship and Thirst (feat. Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman) 2020-07-16
Political: Find Something New 2020-07-16
Mom & Dad: The Teacher Roundtable Edition 2020-07-16
What Next: The First Federal Execution in 17 Years 2020-07-16
Gist: Softball Stupidity 2020-07-16
What Next: What To Do About the Schools 2020-07-15
Gist: Biden His Time 2020-07-14
Dear Prudence: Cooking Feud 2020-07-14
What Next: Sweden Screwed Up 2020-07-14
How To!: Survive a Shark Attack 2020-07-14
Gist: Uneducated Posturing 2020-07-13
Hang Up: College Football Is in the Bargaining Phase 2020-07-13
What Next: John Roberts’ Long Game 2020-07-13
Decoder Ring: The Karen 2020-07-13
Working: How to Interview Celebrities, With Taffy Brodesser-Akner 2020-07-12
Slate Money: Quick Bites 2020-07-11
Gist: Usain Bolt’s Greatness Code 2020-07-11
What Next TBD: Is “Covid Flight” a Thing? 2020-07-10
Spoiler Specials: Hamilton 2020-07-10

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