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Title Date published
Political: Open the Damn Schools 2020-07-02
Mom & Dad: Goes Right Through Him Edition 2020-07-02
Thirst Aid Kit: Hot Men In Bad Movies 2020-07-02
What Next: The Godfather of the Anti-Immigration Movement 2020-07-02
Gist: Redefining Racism 2020-07-02
Trumpcast: The Search for Melania's Intelligence 2020-07-01
What Next: The Toxic Combo Behind Colorado’s Police Shootings 2020-07-01
Gist: See No Evil, Hear No Evil 2020-06-30
Dear Prudence: Racist Lawn Statue 2020-06-30
What Next: Sick for 90 Days and Counting 2020-06-30
How To!: Write a Bestseller 2020-06-30
Hit Parade: Building a Herstory Edition 2020-06-30
Hang Up: Cam Newton Is Going to New England 2020-06-29
Gist: The Never-Ending Trump 2020-06-29
What Next: What Went Wrong in Texas 2020-06-29
Working: Jasmine Guillory’s Romance Novels Show Realistic Characters Falling in Love 2020-06-28
Slate Money: Get a Beer and COVID-19 2020-06-27
Gist: Splashing Down on a Mountain of Racism 2020-06-27
Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism: The Story of Domino’s 2020-06-26
Spoiler Specials: Da 5 Bloods 2020-06-26

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