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Title Date published
The Rejected Segments Show! 2021-05-16
Best Bits of the Week with Morgan2 - What You Didn't Hear About Blind Karaoke (Week of 5/10) 2021-05-15
Friday Post Show (05-14-21) 2021-05-14
Bobby On Masks Not Being Required + Keith Urban Plays The Hits In Studio! + Raymundo vs 'The Queen of Facts’ 2021-05-14
Thursday Post Show (5-13-21) 2021-05-13
Somebody Has To Eat The Smelliest Fruit! + We Talk With A Guy Going To Space + Bobby’s Mailbag: How To Deal With A Creepy Neighbor 2021-05-13
Wednesday Post Show – Canaan Cox Stops By (05-12-21) 2021-05-12
Blind Karaoke Is Back! + Is Amy Being Scammed? + Eddie Confronts A Road Rage Driver 2021-05-12
Tuesday Post Show (5-11-21) 2021-05-11
Which Country Artists RSVP’d 'No' To Bobby's Wedding? + Awkward Prom Stories + Can A 14 Year-Old Get Their Nose Pierced? 2021-05-11
Episode 2: Giving Back To Those Who Served 2021-05-11
Monday Post Show (5-10-21) 2021-05-10
Amy’s Kids Got Another Stimulus Check + Joe Nichols Performs His Big Hits In Studio! + Eddie Wants To Ban A Song 2021-05-10
Best Bits of the Week with Morgan2 - What You Didn't Hear About Lunchbox's Parking Ticket (Week of 5/3) 2021-05-08
Jake Owen Performs In Studio And Talks Acting + Bobby Talks With A Woman Who Married Herself + Fun Fact Friday-Off: Raymundo vs. Scuba Steve 2021-05-07
Bobby Reveals The Science Behind Haunted Houses + Is Lunchbox Headed To Jail? + Morgan2 Got Hit On At The Gym! 2021-05-06
Thursday Post Show (05-06-21) 2021-05-06
Why Bobby Would Be Upset If He Had A Girl + Amy On Why She Didn’t Look At Numbers On Scale at OBGYN + Scuba Steve Sold His Ex-Wife’s Diamond Without Her Knowing! 2021-05-05
Weds Post Show – Cinco De Mayo! (5-5-21) 2021-05-05
Bobby Brings A Waiter In Studio To Perform + Lunchbox Calls A Locksmith To Open A Kid’s Diary + Our Dream Jobs...For A Day! 2021-05-04

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