Stories about the people transforming technology from the command line up.


Title Date published
Web UX Begins 2021-05-04
A Language for the Web 2021-04-20
From NSF to ISP 2021-04-06
Connecting the Dot-Com 2021-03-23
Command Line Heroes Season 7: Internet Class of '95 2021-03-09
Arlan Hamilton: The Investor Who's Opening Doors 2021-01-19
Gladys Perkins: The Pioneer Who Took Us To New Heights 2021-01-05
Roy Clay: The Entrepreneur Who Transformed an Industry 2020-12-22
Dr. Clarence Ellis: The Developer Who Helped Us Collaborate 2020-12-08
Dr. Marc Hannah: The Computer Scientist Who Brought Worlds to Life 2020-11-24
Mark Dean: The Inventor Who Made the Computer Personal 2020-11-10
Dr. Gladys West: The Mathematician Who Reshaped Our World 2020-10-27
Jerry Lawson: The Engineer Who Changed the Game 2020-10-13
Command Line Heroes: Meet the Inventors 2020-09-29
What Kind Of Coder Will You Become? 2020-08-11
Where Coders Code 2020-07-28
Becoming a Coder 2020-07-14
Introducing Season 5 of Command Line Heroes 2020-06-30
One More Thing with Steve Wozniak 2020-05-04
Consoles: The Dreamcast's Life After Death 2020-04-21

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