Stories about the people transforming technology from the command line up.


Title Date published
Open Source Hardware: Makers Unite 2020-04-07
Smarter Phones: Journey to the Palm-Sized Computer 2020-03-24
Floppies: The Disks that Changed the World 2020-03-10
Personal Computers: The Altair 8800 and the Dawn of a Revolution 2020-02-25
Mainframes: The GE 225 and the Birth of BASIC 2020-02-11
Minicomputers: The Soul of an Old Machine 2020-01-28
Introducing Season 4 of Command Line Heroes 2020-01-14
The C Change 2019-10-01
Talking to Machines: LISP and the Origins of A.I. 2019-09-17
Heroes in a Bash Shell 2019-09-03
The Infrastructure Effect: COBOL and Go 2019-08-20
Diving for Perl 2019-08-06
Creating JavaScript 2019-07-23
Learning the BASICs 2019-07-09
Python’s Tale 2019-06-25
Introducing Season 3 of Command Line Heroes 2019-06-11
Open Curiosity: NASA, Mars, and Beyond 2018-12-18
Bonus: Developer Advocacy Roundtable 2018-12-17
At Your Serverless: Development Empowerment with Control 2018-12-04
The Data Explosion: Processing, Storage, and the Cloud 2018-11-20

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