Stories about the people transforming technology from the command line up.


Title Date published
The One About DevSecOps: Evolving Security and Reliability 2018-11-06
Fail Better: Embracing Failure 2018-10-23
Ready to Commit: Contributing to Open Source 2018-10-09
Hello, World: Programming Languages for the Polyglot Developer 2018-09-24
Press Start: How Gaming Shapes Development 2018-09-11
Introducing Season 2 of Command Line Heroes 2018-08-28
Days of Future_Open 2018-03-27
Crack the Cloud_Open 2018-03-13
The Containers_Derby 2018-02-27
DevOps_Tear Down That Wall 2018-02-13
The Agile_Revolution 2018-01-30
OS Wars_part 2: Rise of Linux 2018-01-16
OS Wars_part 1 2018-01-16
Preview_CLH 2017-12-01

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