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Title Date published
RoS: Opioid Use Disorder Care in Primary Care 2019-09-03
RoS Reprise: Understanding the Association of Primary Care Physician Supply and Mortality in the US 2019-08-20
RoS: Understanding the Health Effects of Homelessness with Dr. Margot Kushel 2019-08-06
RoS: Understanding Increasing Mid-Life Mortality in the US with Steven Woolf 2019-07-23
RoS: Understanding the Costs of PAs with Chris Morley 2019-07-08
RoS: Design Thinking & Clinics with No Waiting Rooms with Stacey Chang 2019-06-25
RoS: Transitions in Care from Pedi to Adult Care for Medically Complex Patients 2019-06-11
RoS The effects of neighborhood greening on mental health with Eugenia South & Michelle Kondo 2019-05-27
RoS Addressing Food Insecurity among diabetic patients at Geisinger with Allison Hess 2019-05-27
RoS: Understanding the association of primary care physician supply & mortality in the US with Russ Phillips 2019-05-27
RoS Gender Equality in Medicine with Cheryl Pritlove & Elizabeth Metraux 2019-05-27
RoS: The Psychology of Change with Kate Hilton of IHI, Ep 2 2019-05-27
RoS: The Psychology of Change with Kate Hilton of IHI, Ep 1 2019-05-27
RoS Racism and Inequity in Healthcare with Utibe Essien 2019-05-27
RoS Gun Violence – A View from the Trauma Bay & Public Health w Megan Ranney & David Hemenway 2019-05-27
RoS Journal Club: letters and quetiapine rx, an RCT of CHWs & primary care, levels of prenatal education 2019-05-27
RoS: Barriers to accessing medical records for patients & providers, and how that harms care 2019-05-27
RoS Reprise: Policies affecting the care of pregnant women with SUDs with Center on Addiction’s Lindsey Vuolo & Sarah Dauber 2019-05-27
RoS: The Effects of Alternative Payment Models (APMs) on Primary Care with Mark Friedberg 2019-05-27
Reprise: Sunflower Team at Lynn Community Health Center part 2 – Building Teams That Reach Their Fullest Potential 2019-05-27

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