Real Estate Investing: Full time Real Estate Investor Justin Colby shares the systems to create the business and lifestyle you always dreamed about as a real estate investor. Flip homes while on vacation, flip homes while sitting on your couch. YOU will discover the systems and techniques to use in your real estate investing business. YOU will also hear from a diverse group of very successful real estate investors from across the country. The Science of Flipping podcast will help you become a millionaire real estate investor.


Title Date published
To Buy A House or Not? That is the question. 2021-03-23
Never Lose Money On A Flip 2021-03-22
Why You Need To Be Fix and Flipping 2021-03-18
How To Not Pay Taxes l Real Estate Investing 2021-03-17
Best Practices On Managing Your Rehabs 2021-03-16
Best Seller List That No One Else Has 2021-03-15
Episodes 190: How To Negotiate With A Seller When Uncertain On Value 2021-03-12
Secrets To Finding The Best Title Company 2021-03-10
When To Hire and Scale 2021-03-09
Best Way To Get Started Wholesaling 2021-03-08
Episode 189: From Full Time Employee To Full Time Investor 2021-03-05
Goal Setting Basics 2021-03-04
The Top 5 Questions To Ask A Seller 2021-03-03
Buyers For Your Wholesale Deals 2021-03-02
How To Get Your First Wholesale Deal 2021-03-01
Episode 188: Convert More Deals With Proper Expectations 2021-02-27
The Power of Gratitude! 2021-02-25
How To Flip Your First Property With No Money 2021-02-24
Is The Debt Snowball The Right Way To Payoff Your Debt? 2021-02-23
Don't Drop The Ball With Your Sellers! 2021-02-22

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